Downeast Energy's privacy, security and refund policies

Downeast Energy Privacy Policy

At Downeast Energy, we respect your privacy. The information you give us is used only to correctly process and maintain your account. We only ask for the information we need and we will not share or sell your personal information.

You will be given a choice when registering to be on Downeast Energy’s mailing list or not. We may also use the information to notify you about important functionality changes to and special offers we think you'll find valuable.

If you would rather not receive this information, or any other information, simply reply to the e-mail and type UNSUBSCRIBE as the subject of your reply. We will honor your request and not contact you again.

Our use of "cookies"

Cookies are bits of information stored on your computer that enable us to match you to your account information and identify you when you return. The cookies simply identify you as a unique user (user #5347), not by name. They contain no personal information about you and are never shared with other sites.

Cookies can be disabled, but please keep in mind that if you do so, certain site functionality may not work.

To help us improve the website, we may gather information about its usage (e.g., pages viewed most frequently, number of visitors). This allows us to see what parts of our site are most used and determine ways we might make your on-line experience more enjoyable. This information is collected in aggregate and contains no personally identifiable information. Security

Your online experience is a secure one.  ALL communication with our site is encrypted via the HTTPS SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol.  We use Public Key Encryption with digital certificate authentication.  All personal information, including your credit card information, is processed using 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.  The design and strength of 256-bit AES encryption is sufficient to protect classified US Goverment information up to the TOP SECRET level. implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information.

When paying online, we pass your credit card information over an encrypted channel for immediate authorization by our financial institution's credit card authorization processing service.  Once authorized, we record the payment amount, your Downeast Energy account number, the credit card type (e.g.: Visa/MC/Amex/Discover, but not the credit card number), the approval number, and the date and time of the authorization.  We retain that limited set of information jsut long enough to properly apply your payment to your Downeast Energy account.  Because we take the security of your personal information very seriously, we never store or retain any of your credit card information.


Refund Policy

If you have any comments or questions regarding any of our policies, including refunds, please contact your local Downeast Energy office or call toll-free 1-888-665-2727.