Free yourself from winter worry with the Price Protection Plan that’s perfect for you

In a time of unpredictable winter weather and potential price spikes, now is the time to manage your energy budget with a price protection plan. Downeast Energy has been offering plan “peace of mind” longer than any other company in the region. We have always honored our commitments and we have always delivered. Our customers did not have to search for an alternative provider last December and January during that unprecedented cold snap. We answered our phones and worked around the clock because that’s what we do.

Please take a moment and review the plan offerings available and contact us online or call 888-665-2727 for more information and to enroll.


Pre-buy Heating Oil/Propane – Lock your price for the season when you pay upfront. Price will be fixed for the number of gallons you choose to purchase.

Pre-buy Heating Oil + Downside – Customers can purchase additional downside protection to your pre-bought gallons. If prices decline over the winter, you will always pay our lowest cash price.

Price Cap Budget Heating Oil – Spread your payments over 10 months and pay either our daily cash price or the Cap price-  Whichever is lower.

Cash Budget Heating Oil – We will review your consumption history and then estimate a cost per gallon for next season. Then we will spread your payments out over 10 months.

*Kerosene plans also available.

Please call 1-888-665-2727 or contact us online for more information about our plan offerings.  We will be more than happy to provide you with a plan that meets your needs.