No more “surprises” thanks to TempAssure™ home temperature monitoring

No more worries about a cold house or frozen pipes.

Our TempAssure™ remote monitoring service keeps a close watch on your home’s heating system 24/7 to make sure the pipes never freeze.

If you’re away and your heating system fails, the damage can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repair and clean-up costs. Until now, it’s been difficult to avoid this problem.


  • When a heating system fails in the dead of winter, the best case is coming home to a cold house.
  • The worst case is freezing pipes, gushing water through your home destroying everything in its path.
  • Luckily you never have to worry about frozen pipes again with our advanced remote monitoring system.

Take the worry out of winter with our TempAssure™ remote monitoring service.

Once we set up the TempAssure service in your home, we constantly monitor:

  • Room temperature
  • Fuel oil and propane levels
  • Heating system problems (Optional: may require additional equipment)

TempAssure sensors immediately notify us if the temperature in your home or fuel level in your tank falls below a certain level, or if your heating system fails to ignite. When this happens, we immediately send a technician to fix the problem.

Sign up for TempAssure™ now and enjoy peace of mind when you’re not at home.

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